Honours Collection

Honours Collection

We have listed here some of our honours. Won with various drivers and various classes showing our adaptability and karting knowledge.


MBKC Champions

EPKC Champions x 2

ChKRC Champions

MBKC Autumn Series Winners

Ginetta PPIK 24hr Kart Race Winners

24hr British Endurance Kart Rental Winners

Gold Cup Winners x 2

TKM Platinum Cup Winners x 2

Northern Blue Challenge Winners

Cheshire Oaks Trophy Winners

Blue Crystal Winners

Grosvenor Cup Winners

MBKC 'C' Plate Winners 

MBKC Rookie Cup Winners

Vice MBKC Champions x 2 

Vice ChKRC Champions x 2 

Vice Ellough Park Champions

TKM Festival Cup Runners Up 

Cheshire Oaks Trophy Runners Up

Grosvenor Cup Runners Up 

Gold Cup Runners Up x 3 

TKM Platinum Cup Runners Up

Seeded #3 in Junior Formula Blue 

Seeded #6 Senior Formula Blue

Blue Northern Blue Challenge 3rd

2 Lap Records at 3 Sisters, Wigan 

3 Lap Records at Hooton Park  

Lap Record at Wombwell

Lap Record at Rowrah


EPKC Champions

Gold Cup Winners

TKM Platinum Cup Winners

MBKC Champions